The Two Buds - 010 - Consent in the Animal Kingdom

December 18, 2017

Josh and Lee get together and talk aboot 3D movies and whether or not it's worth it.  They also talk about a bunch of other random stuff like Santa Claus, Mitch Brayley and their theme song.


The Unemployment Hour - 023 - Do The Dougie

December 5, 2017

Lee gets stuck at a train, so he charges up his dead phone and does a bonus train, but then he kept rambling and ended up doing an entire full length podcast.


The Two Buds Tournament Edition

November 25, 2017

Josh and Lee sit down in their hotel and talk aboot the National Selection Event in Vernon, British Columbia that they are currently competing in.


Two Buds bonus plane

November 24, 2017

Josh and Lee are on their way to Vernon, B.C. and have a layover in Calgary so they record a quick little podcast.


The Two Buds - 009 - Alpha vs Omega

November 15, 2017

The Two Buds are back!  After a long absence, Josh and Lee are back together recording a podcast.  Unfortunately, Lee has been away from podcasting with other people for so long that he wastes virtually the entire show talking aboot Pro Wrestling, due to the recent challenge by Chris Jericho to Kenny Omega.  We'll do better next time.