The Two Buds - 007 - The White Guilt Hour

October 14, 2017

Lee and Josh sit down and talk aboot white priviledge and stuff.  This episode has been released out of chronilogical order.  It takes place before our last episode (which was originally listed as episode 7, but has now been corrected to episode 8 and this is episode 7).


The Two Buds - 008 - Lee Has a Baby

October 8, 2017

Lee and Josh sit down to discuss life as a father, and Lee delivers his best introduction song yet!


The Two Buds - 006 - Black Beans Matter

September 28, 2017

Josh and Lee sit down and talk aboot Lee's eating habits. You won't want to miss this one, folks!


Unemployment Hour bonus train 21

September 27, 2017

The Two Buds - 005 - What’s WhatsApp??

September 22, 2017

Josh and Lee sit down for another episode! They didn't really know what to talk aboot or what to argue aboot but I think they ended up finding a few things in the end. New theme song too!


The Two Buds - 004 - Rogan Josh

September 15, 2017

The Two Buds use two mics!!! and I don't even think it sounds weird! It's a start! Josh and Lee sit down and talk aboot the Against Me! concert, a few other things, and then get into a full on impassioned debate aboot the merits of Joe Rogan. You don't want to miss this one!


Grown Men Colouring - 068 - Professionally Unprofessional

September 12, 2017

Lee and Chris try to put together a professional podcast with two mics, using seperate recordings and mixing the two together, but Chris sounds echoey because he holds his mic too far from his face and talks quiet and Lee sounds the same because he holds his mic close to his face and talks loud; so instead we just used Chris' recording so that you can hear his quiet voice and Lee's voice won't drown him out because he's talking into Chris' mic which is on the other side of the room. Podcasting is hard.