The Unemployment Hour - 011 - Sponsored By Chris

March 7, 2017

Lee's on his way to work from a Tournament in Regina, and decides to record an episode.  Hopefully he's not late for work!  Lee gets into Oscars talk again, yawn.  Seriously though, he talks aboot good and great movies and you should check them oot.


Unemployment Hour bonus train 6

March 6, 2017

Lee is not as mad aboot being stuck a train this time.


Grown Men Colouring - 055 - Lego Batman Yay

March 1, 2017

Lee comes over to Bob's for a brief episode where they talk aboot Lego Batman as well as Batman in general, and again Lee exploits his friend Colin's opinion on the podcast.  Maybe this will make Colin want to start a film podcast with him.


Die Hard Meh

February 24, 2017

In this bonus episode: Lee exploits his friend Colin's opinion on a movie, by forcing a room full of people to talk aboot said movie on recording. What an eh-hole!


Unemployment Hour bonus train 5

February 22, 2017

Lee is stuck at a train again.



Grown Men Colouring - 054 - Vegetarian Veterinarian

February 15, 2017

Bob and Lee get together and talk aboot vegan/vegetarian diets, Hockey, film, Marvel, DC and probably some other stuff.  Check it oot!


Grown Men Colouring - 053 - Fat-Loss Title Match

February 9, 2017

Lee pops over to Chris' place to eavesdrop on Bob, Chris and Clarky's fat-loss contest. Tune in now to find oot who wins!  The results may surprise you.


The Unemployment Hour - 010 - Effing Animals

February 2, 2017

Lee talks about masturbation and sounds, and then gets into a tirade aboot something that really bugs him.


Unemployment Hour bonus train 4

February 1, 2017

Lee is.


Grown Men Colouring - 052 - Chris Hates The Oscars

January 27, 2017

Chris comes over to Lee's place to do an update on Bob, Chris and Clarky's weight loss challenge.  They then start talking aboot the Oscar's, and come up with a fun little game that will likely be played on a future episode. They also talk about trump a bit and some other stuff. Hope you enjoy!