Grown Men Colouring - 029 - Bachelor Party Extravaganza (part 2)

July 28, 2016

We decided to do a podcast during Lee's bachelor party. This is part 2.


Grown Men Colouring - 028 - Bachelor Party Extravaganza (part 1)

July 26, 2016

We decided to record a podcast at Lee's bachelor party. This is part 1.


Grown Men Colouring - 027 - Finding Pokemon

July 19, 2016

Colin comes in to guest host and talks with Lee aboot Pokemon Go, Fighting, Pro Wrestling, Finding Dory and movies in general. Listen in and tell your friends.


Grown Men Colouring - 026 - 10 Tips For Retirement

July 14, 2016

Bob and Lee are back to talk aboot ghosts, poopin' in bags, bachelor parties, Scott's retirement plan and all the great shows out there. Listen in and tell your friends!


Grown Men Colouring - 025 - Homer Simpson Walk-off

July 9, 2016

Bob & Lee talk aboot there weekends which included wet dukes, public fornication and a Homer Simpson walk-off.  Then they call Chris on the phone, and he is very upset aboot his slo-pitch game. Bob & Lee close oot with some discussion aboot the PK Subban trade.


Grown Men Colouring - 024 - Gunner & Thermostat

July 1, 2016

Clarky is in to fill in for Bob while the boys talk aboot why fast food is bad and the pros and cons of GMOs. Stay tuned for Clarky's upcoming podcast; if you see him, ask him when it's coming oot.