Grown Men Colouring - 065 - Richard Feces

July 8, 2017

Lee gets together with drunk Chris and they talk aboot all kinds of stuff like race, religion, sexual orientation; they also watch some YouTube and Lee asks Chris some weird questions.  It's been a long time since we put out a podcast, and this one went a long time.


Grown Men Colouring - 064 - Success In Our Failures

June 15, 2017

Chris and Lee talk aboot Lee's experience at The Flatliners (excellent Punk band from Toronto) show, and then they talk aboot Racquetball, Firefighting, their friend Nate Husulak, the pursuit of athletics and art and probably some other stuff.. check it oot!


The Unemployment Hour - 017 - …With A Little Help…

June 2, 2017

Lee celebrates Lagwagon Day over two weeks late, and does a recap of his 2017 Canadian Racquetball National Championships as well as some Rick And Morty talk and some other random items.


Unemployment Hour bonus train 12

May 19, 2017

Lee is mad.


Grown Men Colouring - 063 - High Class Hooker Bath

May 12, 2017

Lee and Chris talk Hockey, Racquetball, and various other stuff. You don't want to miss this one... well, maybe you do... but don't instead!


Grown Men Colouring - 062 - Awfulcado

May 8, 2017

Lee and Bob sit down and talk Hockey for a bit and then seamlessly transistion into talk aboot Lee's upcoming baby. Get it!