Grown Men Colouring - 023 - St. Fetus Stevens

June 26, 2016

Bob and Lee get together without Chris to talk aboot the NHL Entry Draft, but only after they talk aboot abortion of course; cause the two subjects go completely hand-in-hand right?


Grown Men Colouring - 022 - Bobby Bluecheese

June 21, 2016

Bob is busy, so it's just Chris and Lee. They talk aboot other podcasts, Lee's mental problems, Christopher Nolan's Batman films, Cleveland, Batman, Believeland, Iron Man, frozen carbonated beverages, and musicals. Remember Crayons, they have a hot tub, so bring a bathing suit!


Grown Men Colouring - 021 - Apocalypse Meow?

June 12, 2016

Chris is at a wedding, but the boys get really drunk, have a few extra guests and talk aboot that shitty new X-Men movie and stuff.


Grown Men Colouring - 020 - Airtight Chris

June 7, 2016

Chris is "indisposed" this week; so Bob and Lee talk aboot the Ball Hockey game they just finished playing, Bob's new fitness regimen, and his new allergy to beer.


The Show Has Reached A New Low!

May 30, 2016

Lee is by himself for this one as he couldn't get the boys together, so he cobbled up this one himself and got a little whiny aboot his performance at Nationals.  After an introduction that went on waaaay too long, the rest of the show is an old unreleased Lee solo episode.


Grown Men Colouring - 019 - How I Forked Your Chinese Fingertrap

May 21, 2016

Bob is away in Cali, but Chris is back from China to tell Lee aboot Josh's wedding. Clarky is our guest host and shows up aboot 20 minutes in to talk aboot his idea for a podcast.


Grown Men Colouring - 018 - Transformers Dysphoria Blues

May 16, 2016

Chris is still in China and Colin didn't really feel like podcasting today so Bob and Lee get together and talk aboot Transformers of all things, so needless to say, this is probably our worst episode.


Grown Men Colouring - 017 - Punk-O-Matic Nerdcast

May 10, 2016

Colin is filling in for Chris while he's in China.  Lee tries to rock an actual opening for the podcast using Pete Weber's U.S. Open win and the Punk-O-Matic flash game.  Lee talks aboot the ramifications of getting one's face blown off and then the boys have a spirited, spoiler-filled discussion aboot Captain America: Civil War.


Grown Men Colouring - 016 - Pour One Out!

May 1, 2016

Colin fills in for Chris and listens while Lee eulogizes his Gramma Erika in between a.d.d. attacks.


Grown Men Colouring - 015 - The Obesity Ball: Best Flagship Burger

April 25, 2016

The boys eat Teen Burgers, Whoppers and Big Macs to determine who has the best flagship fast food burger in Saskatoon.  Lee argues with Chris that fast food is shitty and evil, but doesn't have the proper facts to back it up.  Bob's son is the worst podcast guest ever.