Grown Men Colouring - 023 - St. Fetus Stevens

June 26, 2016

Bob and Lee get together without Chris to talk aboot the NHL Entry Draft, but only after they talk aboot abortion of course; cause the two subjects go completely hand-in-hand right?


Grown Men Colouring - 022 - Bobby Bluecheese

June 21, 2016

Bob is busy, so it's just Chris and Lee. They talk aboot other podcasts, Lee's mental problems, Christopher Nolan's Batman films, Cleveland, Batman, Believeland, Iron Man, frozen carbonated beverages, and musicals. Remember Crayons, they have a hot tub, so bring a bathing suit!


Grown Men Colouring - 021 - Apocalypse Meow?

June 12, 2016

Chris is at a wedding, but the boys get really drunk, have a few extra guests and talk aboot that shitty new X-Men movie and stuff.


Grown Men Colouring - 020 - Airtight Chris

June 7, 2016

Chris is "indisposed" this week; so Bob and Lee talk aboot the Ball Hockey game they just finished playing, Bob's new fitness regimen, and his new allergy to beer.